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February 06 2018

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Anthony Gerace.

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the only topic i am 100% a centrist about is cats vs dogs because they’re both good and theres no argument they both love you so dont fight

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let’s always work hard! by working hard, i want to gain the strength to not lose my own way no matter what people around say to me.” ― choi youngjae

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all in, i’m betting everything
deciding from now on and forevermore
i’m yours, you’re mine

February 03 2018

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“The Deer” available on Etsy!

—> www.etsy.com/fr/shop/JulietteOberndorfer

“Le Cerf” est maintenant disponible sur Etsy!

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White Flint Mall

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I wish the world was as comfortable and safe as animal crossing 

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“i had to succeed, i couldn’t let myself regret [my decision]”

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